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I am passionate about creating things... any things! Physical or digital.

I have a B.S. in Computer Science, and a minor in Math.

I'm currently working as a Software Developer and I write primarily in Python, Java, C++, and C.

I also know some HTML, Javascript, and CSS for designing basic websites, like this one!

Various coding projects I've worked on can be found here on my github.

I'm currently happily employed for a large company that pays well, as such not all my projects are listed on my github.

However, if you feel the need, please contact me here and I can provide a more detailed resume or information about me.

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Follow me.

Twitter is a really great way to make a political statement, or tell a bad joke. I usually try to keep it lighthearted and funny but sometimes I get more serious. Feel free to DM me if e-mail isn't your thing. I will probably get back to you in a timely manner.

I make BUTT Plugins

Wait, that doesn't sound right, let me start over.. I make plugins for the BUTT. That wasn't much better. It stands for Broadcast Using This Tool and I've made a few plugins so you can use it with Winamp or JRiver Media Center and have your artist and song name automatically update. Neat stuff! Here's how it looks in action.

I also hosted a radio station for a while, but that has since been taken down to save my bandwidth for my next project.

I'm building Discord Bots!Back to Index

Jbot is a discord bot that I've been working on as a fun little coding project to help with moderating an various Discord servers, it also acts as a utility for my other bots.

That project can be found on my github or added to your discord server by following this link once it's approved!

More interesting though is my Dungeons and Dragons 5E Character Sheet generation & upkeep bot. That's a mouthful, let's just say D&D Bot.

And to top it all off, you can download an editable-pdf of your character sheet in standard 5E format once you've built the character with the bot. The character is tied to your unique discord ID and will follow you to whichever server you go to, so long as the bot is present. It has the ability to roll dice, multiple, and add/subtract from the rolls. More features are constantly being added as it's in constant development.

So have I sold you on why this is the coolest D&D Bot ever? Check it out!

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Oh no! You've reached the end of my website! If you have anything you want to contact me about, reach out to me using any of the above links. Now get lost.